Update 1.15

Removed skills from Gloves of Mining and Ancient Smithy Hammer
Added a lot of uses to ancient smithy hammers.
Updated max intensities of iron ingots.
4 hours time between NPCs BODs will be kept up to 90.1 BS/Tailor so people can get more BODs.
Overall hours increased by 1.
Updated chance for colored BODs.
Updated chance for LargeBODs so that they are given at 90.1 BS/Tailor.
Updated Rewards. Removed PowerScroll 20,15,10. Only 5 left.
RunicHammers usages is 22 – resourceType * 2… Bronze = 20, Silver = 18..
RunicSewing kit usages = 15 – resourceType * 4… 11, 7, 3…
Fixed bug where incorrect ore names were displayed for BODS acceptance and BOD items.

Update 1.14

Fixed crafting menus displaying wrong items. (Found mainly in the leather category for tailoring.)
Crafting EXP bug fix.

Allowing players with old clients to connect for up to 1000 days :). I want to allow people to use older clients but the warning should still be there as there will be quite a few artifacts due to older graphics or static placements. Be Warned !

Double arrows from single shaft !
Luck can now increase the maximum number of properties found on monsters.
Changes to Blacksmithing and Tinkering so that iron and the rest of the metals have the same look and text.
Resources re-balanced a little bit.

Update 1.13

Harvest System added !
You can now plant Cabbage, Carrot,Lettuce, Onion Corn, Cotton and Flax. Seeds can be bought from Farming hands.
We also have 3 types of plantable trees. Peach, Apple and Pear.

You can also plant Reagents !!! All seeds can be planted in fields like the ones found near Britain or in New Haven or in private gardens. Thank you Whisper for the idea. We will be testing the system over the coming week and tweak it as necessary.

Update 1.12

Tamed, provoked and summoned creatures now give their master experience upon killing another creature !
Lothar now gives armors with +2 str and weapons with +25 damage increase !
Fixed bug where pitchers could not be filled from water barrels.
Removed a small bit of gold from Ettin’s drop.