Update 1.15

Removed skills from Gloves of Mining and Ancient Smithy Hammer
Added a lot of uses to ancient smithy hammers.
Updated max intensities of iron ingots.
4 hours time between NPCs BODs will be kept up to 90.1 BS/Tailor so people can get more BODs.
Overall hours increased by 1.
Updated chance for colored BODs.
Updated chance for LargeBODs so that they are given at 90.1 BS/Tailor.
Updated Rewards. Removed PowerScroll 20,15,10. Only 5 left.
RunicHammers usages is 22 – resourceType * 2… Bronze = 20, Silver = 18..
RunicSewing kit usages = 15 – resourceType * 4… 11, 7, 3…
Fixed bug where incorrect ore names were displayed for BODS acceptance and BOD items.

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