Update 1.26

Bug Fix:
Level Gump hidden size.
Huge mining exploit fixed.
Tents can now be placed in Trammel.

Most elf items are now available to the human race.
All elf armors were rebalanced. They have approx. -1 Phys resistance compared the human counter part. +4 elemental resistance to compensate.
Bulk Order Deeds now give on average 2.5 times less gold.
Blacksmithing BODS can now be obtained with a min skill of 50.0
Tailoring BODS can now be obtained with a min skill of 32.1. This will be changed to 50 when the Tailoring Instructor will be introduced as he will provide accelerated skill gain.
Oil Cloth is now available at 41 tailoring.
All jewelry had their price increased by a factor of 8-10. This means that players can now sell them to NPCs for a decent amount.
Book of Bushido price decreased from 5k to 2.5k.

Elf start is now possible.

Quality of life:
You will no longer lose stamina if the monster you go through has 5 times less dex or str than you.
You now get double bolts when crafting them.
You will now get a “You are already harvesting.” message if you try to harvest before the first time expired instead of starting the process from the beginning.
You will now get mining animations for the entire duration of the mine process instead of just 1.

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