Update 1.29

Quality of Life:
We now have the first ever PK free zone. All players can safely enjoy the protection of Luna.
Teleport Rope now works when dead.
Emotes are now working. [emote. Have fun.
Added Community Chest.

Balance Changes:
Desert Ostard, Forest Ostard and Ridable Llama now require no Animal Lore or Animal Taming to control. The minimum taming skill was increased to 64.1. This would make the animals a lot more sought after by normal players as they will no longer need to reserve 30 skill points to just purchase a rideable animal from someone.
Spined leather now gives +1 to all resistances.
Stuck Menu will now always send you to trammel.
Felucca Covetous now has Paragons.
Updated Teleporters. Removed most from the Despise Felucca dungeon.
Public Moongate will now bring you to Trammel locations and due to popular demand, Luna.

New Quest Chain was added. Seek Bartok the Bounty hunter in New Haven.
New named monster was added with special ability and unique loot.
Tailoring instructor was added along with a tailoring quest. Seek Tayla in New Haven.
Added Felucca Despise Dungeon.
Added Felucca Covetous Dungeon.
Added 4 new Unique Items
Bug Fixes:
Latest Iteration of the quest fixer. Let me know if you are still having issues. It is very important that we solve this now.
Pack Rats spawn fixed.

Re-factored the Experience reward system from quests. Most exp was left the same. I just updated the system.

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