Update 1.34

Starting Location:

We have added a new starting location for all new players. This location will have special books that outline all the basics and more for playing here on Survival. These starter guides will help out any new players know the basics of what to expect.

Britain Decoration:

Added a lot of decoration to Britain, go check it out. HUGE thanks to Whisper / Eida.

System changes:

The Profession system has been completely revised. A new GUMP was introduced so that people would have a lot more information about the professions and their bonuses in game. Profession points used to be awarded at level 30, 60, 100, 110, 120, 130, 140, 150, 160, 170, 180, 190, 200. 13 in total.Now, they are awarded at level 10, 30, 50, 70, 90, 100, 110, 120, 130, 140, 150, 160, 170, 180, 190, 200. 16 in total. As you can see, all the changes were done to the lower levels. This is to ensure that people get more exposure to this system early on and get extra use out of it. This is also the first time when all the bonuses are fully published. They will be changed and rebalanced over time. To access the new GUMP, you can use the commands [professions, [profession or [prof. Hopefully you can remember 1 of them. The default Level GUMP was changed as well. You can no longer allocate profession points there. 2 new items were added; Mana and Stamina. You will be able to allocate points into them just like in STR, DEX, INT, and Hits. The text was also re-factored a little bit. A crucial impact to the game will be the fact that people will be able to add mana without having to have level 1 Mage profession. Please note that heavy restrictions based on MAGE profession will be set to most spells. Translation: A non-mage Profession will not be able to do much with the mana so some investments might be necessary, even if just 1 point. What and how exactly, will be decided over the coming weeks and of course balanced/ re-worked over time.

Due to the above changes, all profession points are reset to 0 and Int back to 1 so you can re-speck as you see fit.

A brand new Voting System has been put in as well. You can vote by using the [vote command, by double clicking on one of the many voting stones around cities, or by simply visiting www.survivaluo.com/vote.
As a token of our gratitude, there is a 2000 Exp reward for voting.


Wood Pulp. Craftable by cooking logs or boards. It now uses all available resources. It requires 0 skill in cooking.
Wood pulp is used when crafting blank scrolls with inscription. It requires 0 skill in inscription.
Strong wood pulp was introduced. Craftable by cooking logs or boards with bark fragment and water.
Strong wood pulp is now used to craft binding scroll with inscription.
Bags are now craftable with tailoring. It requires 60 tailoring and 10 leather.
Backpacks are now craftable with tailoring. It requires 70 tailoring and 15 leather.
Canteens are now craftable with tinkering. It requires 65 tinkering and 15 ingots. The item holds 24 charges of water and can be refilled just like an empty jug.
Pewter Bowls are now craftable with tinkering. It requires 65 tinkering and 8 ingots.
Plant bowls are now craftable with tinkering. It requires 85 tinkering and 10 ingots.

The Spell Exorcism now banishes ghosts only to Trammel.
Young player teleports only to Trammel.

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