Release 2.0

Militia Guild Changes:
Now you will gain access to quests after you join the Militia Guild. The quests will become harder and harder and they will provide access to repeatable quests, guild specific rewards as well as access to the main story line.
Guild Join time instant (was 2 days)

Added magic properties to rich lootpacks. This means that now over 40 monsters will start dropping magic items. Monster such as: Drakes, Lich, Rat mages and so on.

Removed the old Tram/Fel gateways and blockers.
Added old teleporters so you can access felucca from Despise and Covetous.
Trammel gets a 0.8 modified to experience gained from monsters.
Felucca gets twice the amount of ore mined in Minoc Mine.

Removed Luna Blockers
Added over 60 new spawners all over Malas including mini bosses.

New Monster types.
11 new mini bosses with unique skills, abilities and loot.
25 new Quest NPCs.
Respawned the main cities with appropriate guild members.
Added poison resistance to Reaper and increased HP a bit.
Orc Captains are now a lot stronger.
Lowered Orc Poison Resistance.
Brigand hit points increased by 10%
Dire Wolf hit points increased by 2
Drake fighting skill increased by 10%
Earth Elemental hit points increased by 15
Ettin fighting skill increased by 10%
Gargoyle hit points decreased by 20
Gargoyle fighting skill increased by 15%
Harpy lowered fighting skill by 15%, removed hit points randomization
Hell Hound removed hit points randomization. Fixe bug with them ALL having 0 fighting skill.
Lizardman added 20 energy resists. removed hit points randomization. Increased fighting skill by 5%
Orc lowered HP by 20, lowered fighting skill by 10
Ratman Archer lowered loot type.
Reaper minimum hit points increased by 10
Troll fighting skill increased by 10
Troll fire resistance added.
2 new Armor sets available as rewards.
Jewelry item set available as reward.
23 new items available as loot drops from the new mini bosses.

14 New Repeatable quests each one becoming available as you progress through the NPC Guild.
25 new Quest NPCs.
14 Guild NPC quests with 5 sub quests.
5 new Misc quests.
Added 5 new objective types to help with current and future Quest design.
Modified Mage guilds and warrior guilds to look more in line with the main Guild quests.

World Modifications
Created orc entrance in Trammel New Haven.
Deleted old orc entrance in Trammel.
Brigands lowered re-spawn time.
Add evil healers so that they can res murderers
Covetous harpy spawn lowers from 8 min to 4min
Orc caves completely revamped the spawns
Destard completely changed the spawns, to make them more accessible, added locations with no dragons so you can hunt drakes and/or wyverns
Despise creatures will now die on first hit from owner and corpse will disappear.
Remove scroll of transcendence from TreasureMapChest, Primeval Lich Puzzle Champion spawn and Navrey.

Character Creation
Added a new starting location.
It is spawned with books containing information about the server.

Bug Fixes
Fixed bug that allowed for ranged weapons and spells to be cast on targets through house/cave floors.
Fixed bug that allowed people to complete quests without handing in the quest items.
Level gump spelling typo.
Level gump forced closure.

Player Vendors no longer cost any money to maintain so feel free to stock them up!

You now have access to Trammel, Malas and Felucca.
The moongate available to the player in Trammel and Felucca will be related to the town citizenship they have. I.E. If someone joins Minoc, they will get access to the Minoc moongate.
There are quests that will unlock other moongates.

Corpse Decay
Corpse decay increased from 14 minutes to just under 2 hours.
Corpse decay remains unchanged for monsters.

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