Patch 2.1.0

In the last year, we have been trying to streamline the character progression. This was done by the following:
1. Adding a lot of new normal quests.
2. Main story line quest.
3. Daily repeatable quests.
4. Increasing monster loot tables so that magic items are available to lower level characters.

Currently, other issues came up such as increased difficulty to level up after lvl 50, not enough players around to party with and lack of base gear to help with increased difficulty in monsters that people want to fight after a specific level.

We are following the same pattern be changing the following:
1. An enraged version of monsters will have a chance of spawning whenever you kill most mobs. They are stronger in a few ways, but mostly just have more HP. This means that killing them should simply take longer, but the fight will not be much harder. These monsters will have a small chance to drop artifacts and will have a significant experience boost. This should help players get stronger before being able to kill the vanilla bosses.

3. As magical monsters have been a huge part of the problem why people have a hard time progressing, all armor has now been given a default amount of elemental resistance. Even the weakest of armor such as leather gloves will give an extra 4 total resistance. Considering there are 7 armor spots (including the shield), even the weakest of armor sets will provide an additional 28 resistances, while the strongest up to 92!

4. Reduced experience required to level up after level 50. All characters will simply have their new level applied when they log in. This should result in free 2-4 level ups.

5. Due the relatively low population on the server, we dont always have a large amount of players in the same level group. Increasing the 0 penalty level gap should allow for more people to get together. Party gap is being increased from 10 levels of no penalty to 15.
Example: A level 35 player in party with a lvl 55 player will now get 50% of the experience. Used to be 0%.
A level 50 Player in party with a lvl 65 player will now get 100% of the experience. Used to be 50%.
Please do remember that the experience is calculated based on who did most damage. So if the lower level character did most of the damage he will get 100% of the exp all the time, while the higher level player that will get the reduced amount.

6. Parrying skill applies a very large penalty if the character has less than 80 dex. As players here struggle to get it so high in the early levels without having to sacrifice too much strength, the DEX penalty for parrying was reduced to 60.

7. Many crafters starting on this server don’t fully understand the system and how to progress, specificaly because they can only start gaining experience by using the resources they gathered. In order to give them a helping hand, resource gathering skills such as Lumberjacking and mining will now randomly give between 0 and 2 experience per use.

8. Power Scrolls are dream items as they should be. However, it has been too long since a group of people were able to defeat the easiest of champion spawns. Due to this, Barracoon has had his life reduced by 6000hp and damage reduced from 29-38 to 22-32. Happy hunting!

Quality of Life changes:
After long deliberation, CAPTCHA gumps were removed from all crafting tools!

Bug Fix:
Power hour was running for longer than 1 hour.

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