Patch 2.2.0

It is my pleasure to announce the latest patch!

Buffed unique items from Grimwinds Spirit
Guards NPC Guild quest to obtain 2 Gazer Eyes, was changed to Slay 10 gazers. People that currently have the quest, please resign from it and speak to the NPC again to get the updated version.
Improved loot on most bosses.
Lord Rod The Furious bonus loot.
New Felucca Bonus: All monsters will spawn 2 times faster.
From now on, players that die from a monster will not recieve any death penalty for the first 3 deaths. This should motivate players to explore new challenges. 3 deaths should be sufficient to gather enough data about a monster type.

New Features:
Added Shared Bank that can be used between all characters. The command is any form of shared bank spoken near a banker. “Shared Bank, SHARED BANK, shared bank” are all valid options.
Added Personal Bless deed. Now all characters will have a deed that will allow them to bless any item of their choosing. The scroll is unlimited, but you can only bless 1 item at a time.
Added the ability to count different aspects of a player’s history such as monsters killed, killed by what monsters. It should make for some very interesting statistics.
Giant Spiders will now start spawning spider webs. These spider webs can be gathered to create spider silk.

World Changes:
Removed some Gargish only items from drop tables.
Refactored a lot of other classes
Updated small message during update world.
Added new tools to help GMs deal with profession points and stat points.

Server Changes:
Updated .Net Framework as well as C# Languange to the latest version. This allows me to write better and cleaner code.
Re-wrote most of the farming system from scratch ensuring that from now on, the system can be modified and maintained with minimal effort. This took a lot more time than anticipated but it gives me the confidence that all of the Survival Ultima Online code base is up to standard and can be reused, but most importantly updated to meet future requirements.
Player’s kills and deaths are now logged and saved.

Bug Fixes:
Fix on set items.
Fixed major bug that allowed multiple crop harvesting at the same time.
Fixed bug where honesty items did not decay.

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