Patch 2.3.0

Bug Fixes
Fixed Guards Slay 10 Gazers quest.
Fixed bug where plants remained after destroying a private garden.

World Changes
Added Secondary Skills to farming. Magery can now be used to farm reagents again.
Added new pie! Pie of forgetfulness. It now adds 5 respec points that you can use on any of the assigned stat values in the Level gump.
Removed the other 3 pies that were stat specific.
Modified Slim the fence to return rewards in line with the rest of the loot on SurvivalUO.
Farming tasks now take 500ms less.
Increased the gathering amount from a plant if the picker is the sower by 1.
Gatherable Spider Webs now require 35 Alchemy or Magery to harvest. A double click without those skills will still destroy the web, but it will not provide any spider silk.
Gatherable Spider Webs now block your path. You have a 25% chance of breaking it by simply moving over it. Performing this action will result in spider silk worth half the amount as a double click by a trained alchemist or mage.
Enraged Vorpal Bunny now gives double the loot!

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