Patch 2.4.1

New Item:
Shell Fishing Net. After casting it on shallow water, it has a chance to find sea shells. The sea shells will give you between 1 and 14 black pearls.
Chance of finding sea shells is directly related to your fishing skills. 30% at 35Fishing.
You need a minimum of 35 fishing to use the net.
You can purchase the net from fishermen or tailors for the price of 5k.
You can craft the net using tailoring. Min skill 40, 10 leather, 10 spools of thread.

Drinking a beverage will now tell you your current level of thirst, in a very similar manner to eating.
Mining Cart and Gem Carts (Available as veteran rewards) changed so they do not give you high level ores / gems.
Titanium ore required mining skill for smelting was reduced from 105 to 103.
Vregruk lizard spawn chance reduced to 20% from 30%.
Discord BOT will no longer change name to the character in game.
Discord will now show the player name in <>. There were too many issues with the first implementation.

Bug Fixes:
Fixed issues with artisan skill bonuses not working correctly.
Fixed issues with +skill items affecting artisan skill bonuses.
Fixed issue with custom ore and higher grade leather not giving exp bonus when crafting.
Fixed bug that gave extra exp when crafting with cloth while having higher grade leather selected.
Fixed bug that allowed to craft higher level +crafting skill tools using only blackrock.

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