Patch 3.0!

New NPC Guilds:
2 New NPC Guilds were added to our world. The main story line from each NPC Guild is in parallel to each other, just from a different perspective. New website pages will be created with indepth information about each quest. Until then, feel free to join the guild that interests you most and maybe even write your own wiki article!

1. The Fire mages. Faithful servants of Innos. Talk to Milten in New Haven to start your journey with them including 13 quests, the first of which will teach you everything you need to know about being a mage on Survival UO. Other notable Mages added are: Pyrokar, Pedro, Serpentes, Ulthar and Vatras.
2. The Thieves guild. They will take any job that pays well. Talk to Nagur in New Haven if money is your goal in life. There are 13 thief quests in total. Even though all NPC Guilds follow the same story line, the thieves will be focused mostly on stealing, lockpicking, begging. Many quests will have multiple ways to complete them by using various skills. Other notable thieves are: Ramirez and Cassia

Mini Bosses Changes:
• All mini bosses respawn rate was lowered to 30-45 minutes.
• Death Stalker scorpion armors now give +3 dex instead of +2 and rate was increased from 20% to 40%. Weapons give 15SSI instead of 10. Exp reward was doubled.
• Gaarath Zor now gives 240% increased exp. Night sight weapon was removed from drop list.
• Grimwin Spirit now gives 240% increased exp. His random armors will now drop 10% LRC instead of 8% as well as the 3 mana bonus.
• Lekras Bonecall now gives 340% increased exp. His random armors will now drop 14% LRC instead of 10% as well as the 3 int bonus.
• Mud now has a 400% increased exp.
• Tabnarim the Crystaline has double exp and can now drop a totem that gives 5HP.
• Zsalkiyuh now has double exp and can drop a random weapon with 20% poison resist, 100% poison damage and Hit Magic Arrow 20%
• Lothar now has much higher respawn rate.

The concept of moonstones was added back in patch 2.0, but it had very limited functionality. Bartok’s quest to kill Lekras Bonecal would give the Umbra moonstone which unlocked Umbra when using the public moongate.

The system was enhanced to now include moonstones for Luna, Umbra and Tokuno.
Aelorn Instructors Aelorn(Chivalry), Hamato(Bushido), Mulcivikh(Necromancery) and Ryuichi(Ninjitsu) now offer moonstone as reward for reaching skill to 50.
Players that currently have the skill higher than 50 will automatically receive the moonstone after this patch.

New Items:
• All virtues abilities were enable including Honesty items.
• Added a few new armor sets and many new items as rewards for the Thieves and Fire Mages guilds.
• Created unique items for newly added mini bosses.

• Enhanced the discord connection so that player’s names are displayed when annotating someone instead of ID.
• Special Fishing Net now requires 30fishing to be used rather than 35.
• Base Armors now give more elemental resistances. Increased from 20% of base physical to 33% of base physical.
• Power Hour now gives a big bonus to skill gain.
• Casting spells from scrolls has a big bonus to skill gain.
• Summoned creatures are now a lot less likely to get dispelled by mage creatures.
• Mage creatures now require higher base magery to attempt to dispell a summoned creature.
• Earth Elementals (non summoned) now have a fixed wrestling skill of 80. Used to be random between 60 and 100.
• Water Elementals in Destard now have 50% chance to drop the pure water required for NPC Guild quests.
• Thief guild can now be joined even if Young.
• Magery Spells now require 10 * Spell Circle amount of INT to be cast.
• Militia NPC Guild was modified to now offer the introduction to Bushido, Ninjitsu and Chivalry NPC that will then offer the skills.
• Joining an NPC Guild no longer requires the initial 500 gold. Simply saying NPC Name and join will be sufficient.

Skill Changes:
Bushio, Ninjitsu, Magery, Chivalry and Necromancery are now skills that can be obtained from specific NPCs after being introduced by your NPC Guild.
• Bushido: Militia Guild after killing the orc captains. Thieves guild after finishing the Measuring Contest quest.
• Ninjitsu: Militia Guild after killing the orc captains. Thieves guild after finishing the Measuring Contest quest.
• Magery: Fire Mages after completing the mage initiation quests.
• Chivalry: Militia Guild after completing Ogre Menace quest. Fire Mages after completing the Gazer quest.
• Necromancery: Fire Mages guild after completing the target practice quest. Thieves guild after completing the Ogre menace quest.

With the introduction to the skill changes as well as magery requirements, all characters get a full reset of their profession points as well as stat points.

Bug Fixes:
Fixed a bug that did not allow Elf character creation.
Fixed bug with Ice Hound knowing fencing instead of wrestling.
Experience Changes
After careful consideration of current player base level, the experience required to level up was reduced by 34% for all levels. Upon log in, all characters will automatically be adjusted. It should mean an increase of 2-7 levels depending on your current level.
Fixed bug with set items giving extra properties when in a party.
Monster’s HP will now give more points towards experience. It will make a very small difference for LOW HP monsters, but should give a boost to higher HP mobs.

World Changes
Added Christmas Decorations.

New Monsters:
40 New Mini bosses all around Felucca and Trammel with unique loot items and boosted EXP. A new webpage will be created with information on all new and old mini bosses. As all of their items do not count as artifacts and as such armors and weapons can be enhanced.


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