Christmas Patch 3.0.1

The holidays are upon us! Santa and his helpers went around the world to send out gifts to everyone. Unfortunately, after he made a stop in New Haven, a bunch of Deer Trappers stole all the food for his reindeer! Santa went ahead to deliver the gifts by foot. His trusted helper Ralph set up shop to take care of the deer until he comes back. See if you can help him!

The deer trappers can be found near New Haven farms.

Players now start with 50 extra skill cap.
Each NPCGuild master will tell you to simply join. 500 gold is no longer needed.
Modified interaction between all Guildmasters and the player to make it a bit more intuitive.
Added Luna as available by default for public moongate as getting far enough into the NPC Guild quest line for either necro or chivalry took too much time making the map unavailable. Umbra will still have to be unlocked.
Added Dex and Int requirements property visible on items.
Placed them at the bottom. Moved strength too. They are now all visible in a green color at all times to ensure there is no confusion.
Fire Mage Target Practice quest now gives the Tokuno moonstone.

Bugs Fixed:
Fixed bug with Public Moongate not working correctly for citizens of Britain.
Fixed bug with Serpentes allowing for earlier Fire Mage quests than designed.
Mysticism spells are now working.

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