Patch 5.1

Bandages will now succeed 100% of the time but the chance will affect the amount healed. Please see the the chart bellow for the new vs old healing numbers. Red numbers represent the ones that are completely unchanged. Top is Old, bottom is new.

Removed very many useless commands making the existing one easier to find.
Updated save info with a more visible font.
Level Gump now no longer auto closes when gaining exp.
Added new command to help you find your blessed item.

Completely revamped Barding skills:
Pacified monsters will no longer stay pacified if they are attacked.
Fixed bug were magical monsters was not correctly identified for barding difficulty calculations.
Provocation now lasts 20 seconds.
Peacemaking minimum time was increased from 3 to 6.
Peacemaking time in general was increased for all monsters.
Peacemaking “magic barrier” that magic mobs had was completely removed.

Un Identified Items:
Added ID Wand craftable by blacksmiths. (30 Usages, 100% chance of working)
It will require 3 Rubies, 3 Diamonds, 1 small piece of blackrock and a lot of skills.
UnIdentified Items will no longer have weight nor amount. The idea behind them is to make hunting more interesting as well as make the skill item identification useful. It was never my intent to make hunting slower or to take away bank space.
Arms Lore will no longer work on un-identified items. It will now be gained similar to Item ID. It will still grow as it used to when crafting items.

Custom bosses that summon monsters as a special ability, will now have double chance to summon if it gets attacked by a pet. The chance was halved because weapon speed speed / damage was halved. I missed the fact that pets will still attack at the old speed / damage.

Fixed bug with magery scrolls not dropping.
Fixed bug with Prefix / Suffixes that are supposed to add extra resists, not doing so.
Fixed bug where adding mana to a player using the level gump, did not mana regeneration to kick in.
Fixed bug with Chat gump crashing server.

Mobs Prefixes and Suffixes
Receiving Life Aura and Protector will now appear on mobs lvl 50 and higher.
Monster Auras are now based on Line of Sight. The same monsters will receive less experience bonus for having the said aura.

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