Patch 5.2

Fixed bug with Dryads attacking Good karma players.
Fixed bug with Meer creatures not attacking bad karma players.
Fixed bug with Blacksmithing gump when trying to craft ID Wand was incorrectly stating the required resources.
Fixed bug where Dryad Allure spell could be used on custom bosses.
Fixed bug where the prefix of Knowledge was increasing the actual level of the monster resulting in higher loot.
Fixed bug where monsters with prefix that han “an” in front of them resulted in silly combinations.

Monster Prefix / Suffix:
Did another overhaul on Suffixes and Prefixes.
Monster Prefix and Suffix is now saved and will persist. Now they are all saved and a server restart will no longer change them.
Fixed bug with Of Elemental resistances giving physical resistances as well.
Fixed bug with huge Resistances on mob that don’t even have the prefix / suffix.

Unidentified Scrolls now have no weight and don’t count towards the total items in a container.

Party Exp:
Reworked party exp reward
When in party, players will receive 33% less experience.
Every player after the 2nd, will result in 6% less experience.
1 Player – 100% – Total 100%
2 Players – 66% – Total 133%
3 Players – 60% – Total 180%
4 Players – 54% – Total 216%
5 Players – 48% – Total 240%

The above chart represents the exact experience allocation for different number of party members and a total of experience given based on the original monsters base experience.

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