Patch 4.5.0

This patch is mostly for the new players and New Haven.

Increased the spawn rate of some skeletons and zombies in the New Haven cemetery.
Added a teleport to the old city of New Haven.
Modified the stat requirements for weapons received as rewards for completing the instructor quests.


Patch 4.4

Hello everyone, there recent events has put the whole world in a state of emergency placing lots of stress on its citizens. Many countries placed full lock down, while others simply sent their staff home.

This means that many will have lots of spare time and as such, for the foreseeable future, we will have 2 x Experience!
Also, the virus seems to have infected our world as well: The creatures in Felucca, Destard, Ice and Covetous completely overran the place. There seem to be a lot more of them!

Patch 4.1

I am very pleased with this patch. I hope you will like it too!
Item type dropped will now be based on the experience the monster will give.
This will ensure that as you progressively kill stronger monsters, you will get equipment that will require more stats and it will also mean that new players don’t have to scratch their head looking at heater shields that require 200str :).
Paragon, Enraged, ML (Named monsters) artifact drop chance has been altered to use the monsters experience instead of fame. Fame was never a reliable number to begin with. Some really strong named monsters had low fame and some weak monsters had high fame. This lead to very silly artifact drop %.

Gave Abscess fame and karma (it had none)


Fixed bug with craftable artifacts getting resist bonuses based on resource used.

Made changes to dragon scale armor.
All pieces now require same str as their platemail counterparts.
Red scales give 30 fire res, -6 cold, 7 to all rest.
Blue scales give 30 energy res, -6 poison, 7 to all rest.
Yellow scales give 50 Luck, 7 to all rest.
Black scales give 30 phys res, -6 energy, 7 to all rest.
Green scales give 30 poison res, -6 fire, 7 to all rest.
White scales give 30 cold res, -6 phys, 7 to all rest.

Changed unidentified items hue … again.. 🙂
3 props – Toxic
4 props – Blackrock
5 props – Titanium

Patch 4.02a

Another quick patch.
Ancient Smith hammers.
Master Jonath and Master Theophilus will now have 5 times less chance of getting a treasure chest.
Miasma’s hp will now be a flat 1800 and will have 3 times less chance of getting a treasure chest.
Pyre will have 3 times less chance of getting a treasure chest.

4.01 HotFix

Quick hotfix
Weapon swing speed was incorrectly calculated.
Crafting arrows and bolts will now result in twice as many items to compensate for double the speed of ranged weapons.
Arrows and Bolts now weigh 2 times less.
Weapons will lose durability less often.
Made creatures attack using old swing speed calculations.

Release 4.0 is LIVE!

Fixed all the found bugs with the new features and so after a long wait, enjoy the new release!!!

Full release notes:

Last minute changes:
Fixed bug with Frenzied Whirlwind. It was not applying slow to the monsters.
Added Ilshelnar to the public moongate.
All monsters now have a chance of dropping Jewler Orbs and Weapon ability runes.
Jewler Orbs can add up to 4 sockets on a weapon. Once a weapon reaches for sockets, you can no longer apply a Jewler orb to it.

Release 4.0!

Hello everyone! It has been a while since release 3 but we are starting to make some good progress. While release 2 and 3 were focused on content, this one will be focused mostly on gameplay changes. We have been tinkering with many ideas since we started this server but it took a long time to polish those ideas and turn them into reality. Please find bellow a teaser of what is currently implemented and being tested. As the number of changes are overwhelming, we need all the help we can get to test them.

The test server will be live next Saturday, February 15. :2594

Weapons will now attack 2 times faster.
Weapons attack speed is no longer limited by increments of 0.25.
Stamina no longer works in ticks of 30. Every point of stamina will now increase swing speed by 0.5%. This means that you will get the benefits of each incremental stam increase.
New swing speed delay cap is 0.75
Weapon swing speed is correctly displayed when hoovering over the weapon.

Weapon swing speed is now automatically calculated based on your stats and swing speed increase bonuses so you don’t have to calculate or guess if the weapon is equiped.

Weapons can have sockets applied to them.
Jeweller orbs will have a chance to add said sockets.
Jeweller orbs can be used an infinite number of times until it reaches the max number of sockets.
A max of 5 sockets will be applied to a weapon.
Getting a higher number of sockets is much harder than a lower one.
Item identification can be used on an item to see its sockets and whats in the sockets.

Weapons have half the damage.
Melee weapons now have stats requirements completely different to Vanilla.
The bigger the weapon is, the more stats are required to wield it.
Stats are based on the type of weapon. Mace fighting weapons require mostly strength, Fencing dexterity while Swords need a mix of both.

Weapon Abilities
Weapon abilities are no longer based on the weapon.
Weapon ability runes are added to the game. They will randomly drop from monsters.
Weapon ability runes can gain experience the same way a player does.
Weapon abilities are different based on the level.
Weapon abilities will now use double the cost of the ability with stamina if there isn’t sufficient mana.

Armor types will now reduce the amount of stamina is lost when receiving damage.
Armor types will now increase the amount of stamina lost when walking / running overweight.
Added official armor type of Stone and Wood
Added new item Orc Mask. High base elemental resistances, only 1 phys resist. Repairable by tailor.
Removed the luck cap of 1200.
Increased loot on high end monsters.

Magic items will now have a different hue based on the number of properties they have and they will be unidentified if they have 2 or more.
1 property – normal hue
2 properties – Titanium
3 properties – Blaze
4 properties – Heaven
5 properties – Survival

Identifying an item will reveal the magic properties and will remove the hue.
Items will also get a name based on their appearance (Evil, Good, Oriental).

Items can be identified in the following way:
Jewls, Hats, Instruments, Leather armor, Bows/ xBows, Scrolls: Item Identification skill or an NPC with the same profession
Everything else: Arms Lore or a Blacksmith
All of the above will be written on the item so you don’t have to remember.

Unidentified items, cannot be used!
If an unidentified item was unsuccessfully identified by a person 5 times, then only an NPC can help.
If an unidentified scroll was unsuccessfully identified, it might just backfire on you! Please be careful.

Removed the splitting of splittable items when in party! No need to drag and drop the gold 4 times just because you have 4 team members.
Removed some more messages stating that a player gained 0 exp.

Changed resmelting requirements for ingots:
Blackrock – 103
Titanium – 106
Blaze – 110
Heaven – 114
Survival – 120

Fixed bug with Doom recipes for Britches Of Warding, Cuffs Of The Archmage, Bracelet Of Primal Consumption, Dr Spector Lenses and Gloves of Feudal Grip.
Also, all of them are now craftable!

Added the following items to the Tailoring crafting:
Krampus Minion Hat
Krampus Minion Boots
Krampus Minion Talons

Mace Belt
Sword Belt
Dagger Belt
Elegant Collar
Crimson Mace Belt
Crimson Sword Belt
Crimson Dagger Belt
Elegant Collar Of Fortune
Assassins Cowl
Mages Hood
Cowl Of The Mace And Shield
Mages Hood Of Scholarly Insight

Ork Mask
Bear Mask
Deer Mask
Tribal Mask
Horned Tribal Mask
Ork Helm

Crafting skill items now give the following bonuses:
Blackrock 3
Titanium 6
Blaze 10
Heaven 14
Survival 20

People will now get 1 extra profession point at lvl 80.
These are the current levels at which you will gain a prof point: 10, 30, 50, 70, 80, 90, 100, 110, 120, 130, 140, 150, 160, 170, 180, 190, 200

Paragons and Super monsters give even more exp.
Poisonous monsters now give more exp.

Colored ore/logs/leather will now give double the experience.
Experience required per level was lowered by about 10% for all levels over 40.


Fixed bug with wraith form.
When in wraith form, weapons now leech the correct amount of mana.
It also checks the mana of the monster so that mana cannot be leeched if the monster doesnt have a sufficient amount.
Monster’s mana now gets lowered by the leeched amount.

Spells were not modified as they already worked as intended.

Patch 3.2.0

Artisans will now receive 10% extra experience when crafting per level of profession.
Neira was defeated! She will now drop power scrolls up to 110.
Removed the useless you gained 0 experience notifications. From now, only experience bigger or small than ZERO will create notifications.

Patch 3.1.4

Another set of bugs:
Large bulk order deeds were giving 10 times more bank points than what they were supposed to give.
Pets were not gaining stat points.
Pets will now have a 5% chance to gain a stat or stats (primary and or secondary) depending on their skill gain.
The lower the skill of a pet is, the higher the chance of stat gain as skill gain will be more often.
Pet stat delay is now set at 5 minutes. It used to be 1 day.
Total number of pet stats is 250.

Patch 3.1.3

Just a quick hotfix patch.
Fixed rune beetle bug that was crashing the server.
Fixed bulk order deed filter gump displaying old ore names.
Fixed Large and Small bod gumps as well as acceptance gumps to now show the custom ore color in white.

Patch 3.1.2

Level up points are now received as follows:
0-20 3 per level (unchanged)
20-100 2 per level (used to be 20-90)
100-200 1 per level (used to be 0)

Just as a reminder, Profession points are received every 10 levels after lvl 90.
10, 30, 50, 70, 90, 100, 110, 120, 130, 140, 150, 160, 170, 180, 190, 200

Following the huge crafting patch, this is the first re-balance / fix list:
Small bods banked points were lowered.
Large bods now offer 5 times the amount of small bods.
Fixed issue with exceptional carpentry, tinkering and cooking bods appearing.
BOD gold reward is now the same as pre-crafting patch.
BOD points calulation was altered to have more emphasis on the number of items and material type.
BOD rewards were revamped mostly for blacksmithing as the old list did not make sense anymore when players can simply pick and choose the reward.
BOD reward point cost was increased.
Fixed an issue with alchemy BOD reward points were calculated. Some of the numbers just didnt make sense.
Fixed bod gumps showing old ore names.
Fixed miscellaneous bod reward gump descriptions.

Patch 3.1.0

Hello everyone,

It has a been a while since the last big patch. As promised, this one is mainly for crafters. I did however have to address some of the things that were bothering players the most and as such I will list them first. Enjoy!

Welcome to macro Wednesdays!
Captcha system will now be disabled on Wednesdays and all players will be allowed to harvest resources in AFK state. (Updated the rules page accordingly)

Added a new Bonus system.
The system will allow players to active experience and skill gain bonus equivalent to the power hour once per day and at will. The bonus can be activated once per day and not 24 hours. This means that players can chain them.

The bonus is per character. You could log in to each one of your character and activate it.
The bonus duration will increase by 30 seconds with every consecutive day logged in!
It will however reset to 30 minutes if you do not.

World Changes:
Barding difficulty check has been reduced. It is now approximately 20% harder compared to vanilla.
Increased SuperBoss type loot a little bit.
Bonding pets has been halved from 30 days to 15 days!
Pet bonding abandon time has been increased from 1 day to 2 days.
Summoned creatures should now get dispelled 50% times less!
Gave all players a flat 5hp bonus.
Death Penalty exp has been halved. Used to be 20% now its 10%!
The Dryad bow now has an elven composite base.
Added Plum fruit.
Added new weapon attributes: Bane, Bone Breaker, Swarm, Sparks and Assassin Honed
Added new artifacts: Glenda, The Deceiver, Bow of the infinite swarm, The scholars Halo.
Doom bosses now drop the new artifacts and recipes.
Reworked Dark Father’s AI
Dark Father will no longer spawn scrolls.
Greater Dragon now drops double the amount of Gems
Added correct artifact to fishing system.

Implemented all features of the new bulk order system.
Players will now be able to view all the reward tables, store reward points and much more:
• NPCs will cache up to 3 bulk order deeds for players
• The system will “cache” up to 18 hours worth of BOD give outs
• Players may claim all 3 deeds in quick succession
• Turning in a BOD adds a new deed to the cache
• Example: Log in after 18 hours and receive 3 deeds
• Example: Receive 3 deeds, then turn in 3 filled deeds, and immediately receive 3 new deeds

Bulk orders are obtained from the following NPC’s:
• Alchemy – NPC Alchemists
• Blacksmith – NPC Armorers, Blacksmiths, Iron Workers and Weaponsmiths.
• Bowcraft – NPC Bowyer
• Carpentry – NPC Carpenter
• Cooking – NPC Baker, Cook
• Inscription – NPC Scribe
• Tailor – NPC Tailors and Weavers.
• Tinker – NPC Tinker
Yes, we now have bulk orders for Alchemy, Tinkering, Cooking, Bowcrafting, Carpentry and Inscription.

Reward points can now be banked!
• Points are banked at a rate of 2% of the full value for small bods, 20% for large bods
• Banked points do not stack with Unbanked turn in points
• Example: Character has 20 banked points and turns in, without banking, a BOD worth 610 points. Only the 610 points will be available to spend, not 630
• Points can be spent on any reward up to the value of the bod being turned in, excess points are lost
• Example: Character turns in, without banking, a BOD worth 610 points and claims a reward valued at 575 points, the remaining 35 points will be lost
• Banked points can be redeemed by selecting the ‘claim rewards’ option from the NPCs context menu
• It is possible to close the reward menu without choosing a reward, however you will not be able to turn in another order until the reward has been claimed using the ‘claim rewards’ option on the NPCs context menu

Added 4 new craftable jewelries. For the first time, we have magical earrings:
• Blazing Flash
up to 5 properties.
1 guaranteed from Enhance potions, weapon damage, bonus str, weapon speed.
• Fire Water
up to 5 properties
1 guaranteed from lower mana cost, cast speed, cast speed recovery, spell damage, lrc
• Flash Freeze
up to 5 properties
1 guaranteed from Spell damage, poison resistance, cast recovery, cast speed, lrc
• Ice Fire
up to 5 properties
1 guaranteed from regen hits, fire res, cold res, regen mana.

Bug fixes:
Fixed issue with honesty items spawning.
Fixed an issue that gave players full HP and mana on logging in.
Fixed bug with earth elemental repeatable quest giving only 1.5k exp. It will now give 6.5k
Fixed bug with dark father’s resistances
Fixed Artifact: Abhorrence, Captain Johnes Blade
Fixed odd bug with recall runes crafting.

Patch 3.0.2

Felucca Update:
Risk takers in Felucca can avail of double resources when mining in Minoc or Lumberjacking in Yew.

Skill Gain and stat cap
Stat caps increased to 250 total (275 with Harrower)
All skill gain was made easier by 25%
Bushido and Tinkering were made easier by an extra 33%

We will closely monitor these changes over the coming weeks and change accordingly.

Christmas Patch 3.0.1

The holidays are upon us! Santa and his helpers went around the world to send out gifts to everyone. Unfortunately, after he made a stop in New Haven, a bunch of Deer Trappers stole all the food for his reindeer! Santa went ahead to deliver the gifts by foot. His trusted helper Ralph set up shop to take care of the deer until he comes back. See if you can help him!

The deer trappers can be found near New Haven farms.

Players now start with 50 extra skill cap.
Each NPCGuild master will tell you to simply join. 500 gold is no longer needed.
Modified interaction between all Guildmasters and the player to make it a bit more intuitive.
Added Luna as available by default for public moongate as getting far enough into the NPC Guild quest line for either necro or chivalry took too much time making the map unavailable. Umbra will still have to be unlocked.
Added Dex and Int requirements property visible on items.
Placed them at the bottom. Moved strength too. They are now all visible in a green color at all times to ensure there is no confusion.
Fire Mage Target Practice quest now gives the Tokuno moonstone.

Bugs Fixed:
Fixed bug with Public Moongate not working correctly for citizens of Britain.
Fixed bug with Serpentes allowing for earlier Fire Mage quests than designed.
Mysticism spells are now working.

Patch 3.0!

New NPC Guilds:
2 New NPC Guilds were added to our world. The main story line from each NPC Guild is in parallel to each other, just from a different perspective. New website pages will be created with indepth information about each quest. Until then, feel free to join the guild that interests you most and maybe even write your own wiki article!

1. The Fire mages. Faithful servants of Innos. Talk to Milten in New Haven to start your journey with them including 13 quests, the first of which will teach you everything you need to know about being a mage on Survival UO. Other notable Mages added are: Pyrokar, Pedro, Serpentes, Ulthar and Vatras.
2. The Thieves guild. They will take any job that pays well. Talk to Nagur in New Haven if money is your goal in life. There are 13 thief quests in total. Even though all NPC Guilds follow the same story line, the thieves will be focused mostly on stealing, lockpicking, begging. Many quests will have multiple ways to complete them by using various skills. Other notable thieves are: Ramirez and Cassia

Mini Bosses Changes:
• All mini bosses respawn rate was lowered to 30-45 minutes.
• Death Stalker scorpion armors now give +3 dex instead of +2 and rate was increased from 20% to 40%. Weapons give 15SSI instead of 10. Exp reward was doubled.
• Gaarath Zor now gives 240% increased exp. Night sight weapon was removed from drop list.
• Grimwin Spirit now gives 240% increased exp. His random armors will now drop 10% LRC instead of 8% as well as the 3 mana bonus.
• Lekras Bonecall now gives 340% increased exp. His random armors will now drop 14% LRC instead of 10% as well as the 3 int bonus.
• Mud now has a 400% increased exp.
• Tabnarim the Crystaline has double exp and can now drop a totem that gives 5HP.
• Zsalkiyuh now has double exp and can drop a random weapon with 20% poison resist, 100% poison damage and Hit Magic Arrow 20%
• Lothar now has much higher respawn rate.

The concept of moonstones was added back in patch 2.0, but it had very limited functionality. Bartok’s quest to kill Lekras Bonecal would give the Umbra moonstone which unlocked Umbra when using the public moongate.

The system was enhanced to now include moonstones for Luna, Umbra and Tokuno.
Aelorn Instructors Aelorn(Chivalry), Hamato(Bushido), Mulcivikh(Necromancery) and Ryuichi(Ninjitsu) now offer moonstone as reward for reaching skill to 50.
Players that currently have the skill higher than 50 will automatically receive the moonstone after this patch.

New Items:
• All virtues abilities were enable including Honesty items.
• Added a few new armor sets and many new items as rewards for the Thieves and Fire Mages guilds.
• Created unique items for newly added mini bosses.

• Enhanced the discord connection so that player’s names are displayed when annotating someone instead of ID.
• Special Fishing Net now requires 30fishing to be used rather than 35.
• Base Armors now give more elemental resistances. Increased from 20% of base physical to 33% of base physical.
• Power Hour now gives a big bonus to skill gain.
• Casting spells from scrolls has a big bonus to skill gain.
• Summoned creatures are now a lot less likely to get dispelled by mage creatures.
• Mage creatures now require higher base magery to attempt to dispell a summoned creature.
• Earth Elementals (non summoned) now have a fixed wrestling skill of 80. Used to be random between 60 and 100.
• Water Elementals in Destard now have 50% chance to drop the pure water required for NPC Guild quests.
• Thief guild can now be joined even if Young.
• Magery Spells now require 10 * Spell Circle amount of INT to be cast.
• Militia NPC Guild was modified to now offer the introduction to Bushido, Ninjitsu and Chivalry NPC that will then offer the skills.
• Joining an NPC Guild no longer requires the initial 500 gold. Simply saying NPC Name and join will be sufficient.

Skill Changes:
Bushio, Ninjitsu, Magery, Chivalry and Necromancery are now skills that can be obtained from specific NPCs after being introduced by your NPC Guild.
• Bushido: Militia Guild after killing the orc captains. Thieves guild after finishing the Measuring Contest quest.
• Ninjitsu: Militia Guild after killing the orc captains. Thieves guild after finishing the Measuring Contest quest.
• Magery: Fire Mages after completing the mage initiation quests.
• Chivalry: Militia Guild after completing Ogre Menace quest. Fire Mages after completing the Gazer quest.
• Necromancery: Fire Mages guild after completing the target practice quest. Thieves guild after completing the Ogre menace quest.

With the introduction to the skill changes as well as magery requirements, all characters get a full reset of their profession points as well as stat points.

Bug Fixes:
Fixed a bug that did not allow Elf character creation.
Fixed bug with Ice Hound knowing fencing instead of wrestling.
Experience Changes
After careful consideration of current player base level, the experience required to level up was reduced by 34% for all levels. Upon log in, all characters will automatically be adjusted. It should mean an increase of 2-7 levels depending on your current level.
Fixed bug with set items giving extra properties when in a party.
Monster’s HP will now give more points towards experience. It will make a very small difference for LOW HP monsters, but should give a boost to higher HP mobs.

World Changes
Added Christmas Decorations.

New Monsters:
40 New Mini bosses all around Felucca and Trammel with unique loot items and boosted EXP. A new webpage will be created with information on all new and old mini bosses. As all of their items do not count as artifacts and as such armors and weapons can be enhanced.


Patch 2.6.2

Toxic Slith is now tamable at 95.1 taming.
Added Custom Q&A Gump for quest.
Golems are now immune to poison. (Not to poison damage)
Damage dealt to golems will no longer take mana/hp from owner.

Bug Fixes
Fix for current players that did not get re-usable personal deeds.
New players will now get the personal bless deed.

Updating server to use latest client.
Cleaned a lot of old code.
Fixed some networking issues.

Patch 2.61

Bug Fixes
Fixed bug that allowed fishing with both rod and net at the same time.
Fixed bug that allowed recycling of Enkidu quest to pick a different monster.
Shell fishing net had no captcha gump.

Game Changes
Lothar respawn time is now twice as fast.

Patch 2.6 Enkidu!

Enkidu NPC is ready!
Please welcome him back to the game with the most original quest implementation so far.
Once per day, he will have a task for you. The task will depend on your current level and will be different every day.

Bug Fixes
Fixed Lumberjacks Bane repeatable quest. It used to ask for skeletons instead of reapers.
Scroll casting will no longer be blocked by lack of reagents.

Patch 2.4.1

New Item:
Shell Fishing Net. After casting it on shallow water, it has a chance to find sea shells. The sea shells will give you between 1 and 14 black pearls.
Chance of finding sea shells is directly related to your fishing skills. 30% at 35Fishing.
You need a minimum of 35 fishing to use the net.
You can purchase the net from fishermen or tailors for the price of 5k.
You can craft the net using tailoring. Min skill 40, 10 leather, 10 spools of thread.

Drinking a beverage will now tell you your current level of thirst, in a very similar manner to eating.
Mining Cart and Gem Carts (Available as veteran rewards) changed so they do not give you high level ores / gems.
Titanium ore required mining skill for smelting was reduced from 105 to 103.
Vregruk lizard spawn chance reduced to 20% from 30%.
Discord BOT will no longer change name to the character in game.
Discord will now show the player name in <>. There were too many issues with the first implementation.

Bug Fixes:
Fixed issues with artisan skill bonuses not working correctly.
Fixed issues with +skill items affecting artisan skill bonuses.
Fixed issue with custom ore and higher grade leather not giving exp bonus when crafting.
Fixed bug that gave extra exp when crafting with cloth while having higher grade leather selected.
Fixed bug that allowed to craft higher level +crafting skill tools using only blackrock.

Patch 2.4.0

Say hello to Discord!

A full discord implementation with out server is now complete.
All chat from the ServUO Discord General channel will be displayed in game in the Public channel and all things that people type in game to the public channel, will be displayed on Discord.
Players can choose to disable the Public channel by using the [c command in game, click on the letter “m” and then unpicking Public.

Have fun!

Patch 2.3.0

Bug Fixes
Fixed Guards Slay 10 Gazers quest.
Fixed bug where plants remained after destroying a private garden.

World Changes
Added Secondary Skills to farming. Magery can now be used to farm reagents again.
Added new pie! Pie of forgetfulness. It now adds 5 respec points that you can use on any of the assigned stat values in the Level gump.
Removed the other 3 pies that were stat specific.
Modified Slim the fence to return rewards in line with the rest of the loot on SurvivalUO.
Farming tasks now take 500ms less.
Increased the gathering amount from a plant if the picker is the sower by 1.
Gatherable Spider Webs now require 35 Alchemy or Magery to harvest. A double click without those skills will still destroy the web, but it will not provide any spider silk.
Gatherable Spider Webs now block your path. You have a 25% chance of breaking it by simply moving over it. Performing this action will result in spider silk worth half the amount as a double click by a trained alchemist or mage.
Enraged Vorpal Bunny now gives double the loot!

Patch 2.2.1 (Hot fix)

The following bugs have been fixed:

Set items not triggering.
Players will no longer lose experience if the last monster attacking them is dead or if the cause of death was an inanimate object.
Farming system could not see seedling or move seeds.

Patch 2.2.0

It is my pleasure to announce the latest patch!

Buffed unique items from Grimwinds Spirit
Guards NPC Guild quest to obtain 2 Gazer Eyes, was changed to Slay 10 gazers. People that currently have the quest, please resign from it and speak to the NPC again to get the updated version.
Improved loot on most bosses.
Lord Rod The Furious bonus loot.
New Felucca Bonus: All monsters will spawn 2 times faster.
From now on, players that die from a monster will not recieve any death penalty for the first 3 deaths. This should motivate players to explore new challenges. 3 deaths should be sufficient to gather enough data about a monster type.

New Features:
Added Shared Bank that can be used between all characters. The command is any form of shared bank spoken near a banker. “Shared Bank, SHARED BANK, shared bank” are all valid options.
Added Personal Bless deed. Now all characters will have a deed that will allow them to bless any item of their choosing. The scroll is unlimited, but you can only bless 1 item at a time.
Added the ability to count different aspects of a player’s history such as monsters killed, killed by what monsters. It should make for some very interesting statistics.
Giant Spiders will now start spawning spider webs. These spider webs can be gathered to create spider silk.

World Changes:
Removed some Gargish only items from drop tables.
Refactored a lot of other classes
Updated small message during update world.
Added new tools to help GMs deal with profession points and stat points.

Server Changes:
Updated .Net Framework as well as C# Languange to the latest version. This allows me to write better and cleaner code.
Re-wrote most of the farming system from scratch ensuring that from now on, the system can be modified and maintained with minimal effort. This took a lot more time than anticipated but it gives me the confidence that all of the Survival Ultima Online code base is up to standard and can be reused, but most importantly updated to meet future requirements.
Player’s kills and deaths are now logged and saved.

Bug Fixes:
Fix on set items.
Fixed major bug that allowed multiple crop harvesting at the same time.
Fixed bug where honesty items did not decay.

Patch 2.1.0

In the last year, we have been trying to streamline the character progression. This was done by the following:
1. Adding a lot of new normal quests.
2. Main story line quest.
3. Daily repeatable quests.
4. Increasing monster loot tables so that magic items are available to lower level characters.

Currently, other issues came up such as increased difficulty to level up after lvl 50, not enough players around to party with and lack of base gear to help with increased difficulty in monsters that people want to fight after a specific level.

We are following the same pattern be changing the following:
1. An enraged version of monsters will have a chance of spawning whenever you kill most mobs. They are stronger in a few ways, but mostly just have more HP. This means that killing them should simply take longer, but the fight will not be much harder. These monsters will have a small chance to drop artifacts and will have a significant experience boost. This should help players get stronger before being able to kill the vanilla bosses.

3. As magical monsters have been a huge part of the problem why people have a hard time progressing, all armor has now been given a default amount of elemental resistance. Even the weakest of armor such as leather gloves will give an extra 4 total resistance. Considering there are 7 armor spots (including the shield), even the weakest of armor sets will provide an additional 28 resistances, while the strongest up to 92!

4. Reduced experience required to level up after level 50. All characters will simply have their new level applied when they log in. This should result in free 2-4 level ups.

5. Due the relatively low population on the server, we dont always have a large amount of players in the same level group. Increasing the 0 penalty level gap should allow for more people to get together. Party gap is being increased from 10 levels of no penalty to 15.
Example: A level 35 player in party with a lvl 55 player will now get 50% of the experience. Used to be 0%.
A level 50 Player in party with a lvl 65 player will now get 100% of the experience. Used to be 50%.
Please do remember that the experience is calculated based on who did most damage. So if the lower level character did most of the damage he will get 100% of the exp all the time, while the higher level player that will get the reduced amount.

6. Parrying skill applies a very large penalty if the character has less than 80 dex. As players here struggle to get it so high in the early levels without having to sacrifice too much strength, the DEX penalty for parrying was reduced to 60.

7. Many crafters starting on this server don’t fully understand the system and how to progress, specificaly because they can only start gaining experience by using the resources they gathered. In order to give them a helping hand, resource gathering skills such as Lumberjacking and mining will now randomly give between 0 and 2 experience per use.

8. Power Scrolls are dream items as they should be. However, it has been too long since a group of people were able to defeat the easiest of champion spawns. Due to this, Barracoon has had his life reduced by 6000hp and damage reduced from 29-38 to 22-32. Happy hunting!

Quality of Life changes:
After long deliberation, CAPTCHA gumps were removed from all crafting tools!

Bug Fix:
Power hour was running for longer than 1 hour.

Patch 2.0.7

Power Hour added. From now on, every day at 10PM GMT, players will receive double experience.
A Hiryu spawn was added somewhere in Felucca.
Recall Rune is now craftable using inscription.
Rod the furious was slightly adjusted.
Tinkering is now much easier to gain.

Patch 2.0.6

Fixed bug where lower stat requirement on weapons was higher than intended.

New characters will now spawn in New Haven again. The book area was too restrictive for people that didnt speak english.
Vregruk now has 30% chance of spawning lizards instead of 40%.

Patch 2.0.5

Bug Fixing
Correct Dexterity requirement will now be displayed on weapons if they have lower stat magic property.
Fixed Lower Requirement to work for dex when trying to equip.
Hunger and Thirst were not lowering HP when at 0.
Fixed Vial of pure water quest.

New Features:
Hunger and thirst decay now has 3 levels, each with it’s own message.

Fine Necklace can now be crafted for 4 ingots. Minimum skill 65.
Water Trough East Deed and South deed now needs 85 carpentry instead of 95.

Update 2.0.4

Added Trash bag. Each player gets one free when starting a new character. You can also buy it for 10gold from a tailor.
Vorpal Bunny adjusted to have higher gold as it had before the 2.0 patch.
Orc Helms are now repairable by tailors.

Mining bonus in Felucca was removed as there are no PKs around at all.
Cleaned up some of the code for Guild NPCs.

Added A lot more orc captains in the orc dungeon.

Patch 2.0.2

Added more orcs to the orc cave.
Added some extra content to specific scenarios when questers dont give quests to help out the player know what should be done.
Removed casting restrictions from malas
Added a bit more description to help players find Ariel when they complete the necessary quest.
Increased boar count.

Fixed 2 spawns.
Fixed big bug with starting books decaying.
Fel Minoc cave was sometimes not giving twice the ore.

Patch 2.0.1

All Militia Recruiters will now tell you about the joining fee of 500 gold and will also tell you to talk to Diego if you are looking for more work.
All Militia Recruiters will give you the first quest of joining the Militia.
Diego now also tells you about the 500 gold joining fee and you can join the Militia with him without having to talk to a Recruiter.

Bug Fix:
2 Objectives not displayed at all in the Objectives screen of the quest.
Mika was not providing the repeatable quest.
Fixed incorrect repeatable quest availability.
Lord Andre and Lothar spawns were not spawning.

modified amount of militia men in Britain

Release 2.0

Militia Guild Changes:
Now you will gain access to quests after you join the Militia Guild. The quests will become harder and harder and they will provide access to repeatable quests, guild specific rewards as well as access to the main story line.
Guild Join time instant (was 2 days)

Added magic properties to rich lootpacks. This means that now over 40 monsters will start dropping magic items. Monster such as: Drakes, Lich, Rat mages and so on.

Removed the old Tram/Fel gateways and blockers.
Added old teleporters so you can access felucca from Despise and Covetous.
Trammel gets a 0.8 modified to experience gained from monsters.
Felucca gets twice the amount of ore mined in Minoc Mine.

Removed Luna Blockers
Added over 60 new spawners all over Malas including mini bosses.

New Monster types.
11 new mini bosses with unique skills, abilities and loot.
25 new Quest NPCs.
Respawned the main cities with appropriate guild members.
Added poison resistance to Reaper and increased HP a bit.
Orc Captains are now a lot stronger.
Lowered Orc Poison Resistance.
Brigand hit points increased by 10%
Dire Wolf hit points increased by 2
Drake fighting skill increased by 10%
Earth Elemental hit points increased by 15
Ettin fighting skill increased by 10%
Gargoyle hit points decreased by 20
Gargoyle fighting skill increased by 15%
Harpy lowered fighting skill by 15%, removed hit points randomization
Hell Hound removed hit points randomization. Fixe bug with them ALL having 0 fighting skill.
Lizardman added 20 energy resists. removed hit points randomization. Increased fighting skill by 5%
Orc lowered HP by 20, lowered fighting skill by 10
Ratman Archer lowered loot type.
Reaper minimum hit points increased by 10
Troll fighting skill increased by 10
Troll fire resistance added.
2 new Armor sets available as rewards.
Jewelry item set available as reward.
23 new items available as loot drops from the new mini bosses.

14 New Repeatable quests each one becoming available as you progress through the NPC Guild.
25 new Quest NPCs.
14 Guild NPC quests with 5 sub quests.
5 new Misc quests.
Added 5 new objective types to help with current and future Quest design.
Modified Mage guilds and warrior guilds to look more in line with the main Guild quests.

World Modifications
Created orc entrance in Trammel New Haven.
Deleted old orc entrance in Trammel.
Brigands lowered re-spawn time.
Add evil healers so that they can res murderers
Covetous harpy spawn lowers from 8 min to 4min
Orc caves completely revamped the spawns
Destard completely changed the spawns, to make them more accessible, added locations with no dragons so you can hunt drakes and/or wyverns
Despise creatures will now die on first hit from owner and corpse will disappear.
Remove scroll of transcendence from TreasureMapChest, Primeval Lich Puzzle Champion spawn and Navrey.

Character Creation
Added a new starting location.
It is spawned with books containing information about the server.

Bug Fixes
Fixed bug that allowed for ranged weapons and spells to be cast on targets through house/cave floors.
Fixed bug that allowed people to complete quests without handing in the quest items.
Level gump spelling typo.
Level gump forced closure.

Player Vendors no longer cost any money to maintain so feel free to stock them up!

You now have access to Trammel, Malas and Felucca.
The moongate available to the player in Trammel and Felucca will be related to the town citizenship they have. I.E. If someone joins Minoc, they will get access to the Minoc moongate.
There are quests that will unlock other moongates.

Corpse Decay
Corpse decay increased from 14 minutes to just under 2 hours.
Corpse decay remains unchanged for monsters.