Advanced Knowledge

To begin with, we have totally customized the Ore here at Survival. We have moved away from the basic ore’s from the basic UO. Here we have the following Ores: Iron, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Toxic, Blackrock, Titanium, Blaze, Heaven, and Survival.
Each of these Ores have custom properties that they add to weapons and armor.
We have the basic Leathers and Scales as base UO here currently, with slightly altered changes to their adders.
There have also been a few added items to crafting, like Roll Up Tents, Personal Gardens, and Special Crafters Tools. These items are all craftable by different types of crafters, so if you are interested you can find more information on this.
Throughout the game, there are also a couple of mini-bosses in the starter location.
Lothar, is a Blue Skeleton, who has a lot of Hits and Regen. If you can take him down, you may be able to get some rare ingredients or some good items.
Vregruk, is a Red Ogre Lord, who is deadly. If you can take this beast down, you can get a lot of cool things as well.
Both of these Mini-Bosses are also part of a special quest line, so be sure to take up arms and take down these monsters.
You will also notice that on the rare occasion monsters will drop some neat looking items.
Troll’s Blood is a rare ingredient that is used to craft some special items targeted at the crafter.
Gazer’s Eye is a rare ingredient that is also used in these crafts.
What other monsters drop special items? Who knows, get out there and learn!
You will also notice that there are Farm Hands that sell seeds.
These can be planted in any farmland soil and grow into what ever they are seeds of. So if you need Flax or Cotton, buy some seeds, and plant away!
Need food resources? Plant some cabbages, wheat or carrots! It is totally up to you what your farm will look like.
There are Evil Mages that have a rare chance of having reagent seeds that can be planted and harvested by players.
You will also note that there have been changes to how scrolls can be crafted. You can create Wood Pulp from a log or board with cooking, and then with inscription, change these into scrolls.
With all this more advanced knowledge now known by you, head over to the wisp and say the magical word “knowledge” to be brought to the final farewell, before heading into the world of Survival!

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