Fifth Militia Quest

Now starts the first hard quest in the Militia Quests. Diego wants you to hunt down an undead Knight called Lothar. I am sure you have seen this name as you hunted in Old Haven. He hides about in a house there. Head over and kill this lovely skeleton.

Lothar is a Blue Skeleton that is not easy to kill. He is an ex-Holy Knight after all!

Once you have successfully killed this monster, head back to Diego to hand in the quest.

Diego mentions yet another NPC to go and speak to, but this one is in Vesper. For this repeatable side quest seek out Jack the Fisherman in Trammel Vesper.

Now you have handed this in, you get a nice little set of item that will help you a lot. This is the second piece of a set of Regeneration items called the Bracelet of Regeneration. When worn with it’s brother, you gain a total of 8 Hit Point Regeneration. Great regeneration item for your work.

Now go talk to Diego again for the Sixth Quest in the Militia Line.

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