Fourth Militia Quest

So no we start getting into more difficult things to do in your quests. Here you are sent over to Lobart’s Farm which has been over run with Brigands. You are asked to kill 40 Bandits, which refers to Common Brigands that set up camp in the Farmer Fields of Haven Island.

Once you have killed all the bandits, you can hand it in to Diego.

Diego mentions yet another NPC to go and speak to, but this one is in Britain. For this fourth repeatable quest seek out Mika in Trammel Britain.

Now you have handed this in, you get a nice little set of item that will help you a lot. This is the first piece of a set of Regeneration items called the Ring of Regeneration. When worn with it’s sister, you gain a total of 8 Hit Point Regeneration. Great regeneration item for your work.

Now go talk to Diego again for the Fifth Quest in the Militia Line.

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