Repeatable Militia Side Quest Three – Wambo

The third Repeatable Militia Side Quest you can get is given to you by Wambo The Militia who can be found on the city gates leading to the south of Haven Island..

Wambo tells you about his task of keeping the orc population in check and asks for your help in killing some of them for him.

Once you accept the quest, head to the south side of the island near the Mines. You will notice a strange looking cave here. This cave is the entrance to the Trammel Orc Caves, where many orcs dwell.

In the cave, you need to kill 100 normal orcs. This may take a couple runs, but you will get this done in no time.

Once you have killed 100 Orcs throughout the world, you can hand in the quest for a little experience and gold every day.

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