Second Militia Quest

Now that you have the easy quests under your belt, you can talk with Diego again to get another quest in the Militia Line.

As you see, he is looking to get some stock to feed the Militia now. So collect the 100 Ribs that he is asking for by killing Pigs, Boars, Goats, Cows, Rabbits, and the likes.

Once you have collected the 100 Raw Ribs,  you have to Toggle them as a Quest Item by single clicking on  your character and selecting Toggle Quest Item.

You will then select the pile of 100 raw ribs, and they will turn orange.

Now all you have to do is talk with Diego again to hand in the quest and collect your reward.

Notice when you go to hand this one in, that Diego mentions an NPC named Ariel. This is the second repeatable quest that will help you start to earn a little extra gold while you grind yourself up in levels.

You get a helpful little weapon when you hand in this quest called the Useful Dagger. This is a warriors best friend, as it is a 2s swing with Use Best Weapon Skill so it does not matter what fighting skill you have taken up, this is your weapon!

Once you hand this one in, you will get a small boost, and be able to talk to Diego again to get the third quest in the Militia Line.

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