Sixth Militia Quest

Now starts the next quest in the Militia Line of Quests. Diego wants you to hunt down forty (40) Orc Captains.These can be found in the South side of the Island of Haven.

When you head to the far south tip of Haven, near the mines, you will find a strange looking cave. This is the entrance to the Trammel Orc Caves. Head in here to kill as many Orc Captains as you can.

Now that you have killed all these pesky Orc Captains, head back to Diego and hand in the quest.

This time when you hand in the quest, you will notice that Diego tells you some different information. He mentions two NPCs. Lord Andre in Britain, who is the commander that takes over the main quest line after this one is completed. He also mentions Jora the Trader who is in Minoc. So for this side quest you can hit up the Minoc Provisions Shop and speak to Jora.

You have finished all the Main Newbie Quest Line for the Militia now. You can head over to Britain Castle and speak with Lord Andre to get the Seventh Quest in the Militia Line.

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