Starting Location

On Survival, all players will start on the Island of Haven. You will start within the main city on this island called New Haven.
There are many things around this town that will help you greatly so please continue to read.
Directly to the West of the Town Square lays the Bank.
Directly to the South Lays the Docks.
Directly to the North lays the Jeweler and Tailor, along with three other NPCs we will touch on.
To the North East lays the Training Grounds.
Now, North of the Town Square there is an NPC called Elder Duda. This NPC will give you basic quests to help you learn the game of fighting. Things like Kill Birds, Kill Pigs, or Even Kill Zombies and Skeletons.
Doing these quests will help you gain Experience points and level up to become stronger.
In the Training Grounds you will notice a lot of NPC Trainers for skills like Parrying, Swordsmanship, Tactics, Fencing, Archery, Mace Fighting, Wrestling and Chivalry.
Each of these NPCs will train their respective skill to 40.0. So it is a great start. If you take their quest, you will gain bonus skill gains when you are using the skills in Old Haven (to be touched on later).
In the Tailor Shop, there are two quest givers. One, named Tayla will grant you faster gains in Tailoring when near her up to 50.0 skill.
To the North West of the Town Square is the Blacksmith George Hephaestus. He can train you to 40.0 Blacksmithy and grant you bonus skill gain up to 50.0 in Blacksmithy when training at his forge.
Further to the North West is Amelia Youngstone the Tinker. She can train you to 40.0 Tinkering and grant you bonus skill gain up to 50.0 in Tinkering when training in her shop.
From here is you head to the West, you will come across a Dojo. In this Dojo you will find a Trainer for Tracking, Hiding, Stealth and Ninjitsu.
West of the Town Center lays a group of buildings just past the Bank. Here you will find Trainers for the skills Anatomy and Healing.
To the South West of the Bank you will find the City Gates. Pass through these and you are in the South Wilds of the Island.
Out here in the wilds there is a small cabin that has a Lumberjacking Trainer. Cutting down trees in the forest around here will grant accelerated skill gain.
Far to the south lays the mountains. In this location is the Mining Trainer. If you mine within the pathways here you will have accelerated gains.
From the Town Square and to the East lays the abandoned town of Old Haven. Many undead creatures lurk here for you to hunt. Beware of the Blue Skeleton named Lothar though, as he is a mini boss and will prove very difficult to defeat.
If you run past Old Haven into the fields, you will find Pumpkins, that are free to pick, sheep to sheer the wool from, and even a couple flax and cotton plants.
Beware of the Brigands that roam this area though, as they may prove to be difficult to handle at a young age.
So now you know where everything is within the island you start on to get used to the game, so head to the wisp to the left of us here, and say the magical word location to be brought to the next area.

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