Third Militia Quest

So now you are used to a basic collection quest having finished the last one. Now you can talk with Diego again to get another quest in the Militia Line.

This one is a bit tougher. You have to kill 100 zombies to complete this quest. So head over to Old Haven in the East of the Island and start killing Zombies.
Please remember that it is suggested that you have over 50 in a fighting skill and healing to do this quest. You will be fighting a lot of skeletons and zombies to complete this one.
Once you are done killing the 100 zombies you head back and speak with Diego once more to hand this one in.

Notice that he mentions another NPC called Wambo in this hand in portion. This is the third repeatable quest you can get with this set.

Now you have handed this in, you get a nice little set of armor. When all worn you get a nice boost in all resists which is perfect for a starting character!

Now go talk to Diego again for the Fourth Quest in the Militia Line.

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