Vendor Search Function

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This article is about the Vendor Search Function built into the system.
To start your access, all you have to do is single click on your character to get the below screen.

Once you select the Vendor Search option, you will get a nice big GUMP (below) that is the heart and soul of the Vendor Search Function.

From this screen you can select either specific names of items by entering them in the Item Name text field, or you can drill into a price search to find items in a certain range.

You can even drill into specific items like Footwear, Pants/Leg Armour, Shirts, Hats/Head Armour, Hand/Kilt Armour, Rings, Tailsman, etc…

If you want certain stats on the items you are buying, you can select Combat, Casting, Damage Type, Hit Spell, Hit Area, Resists, Stats, and so on. This will bring you into another selection to choose what ratings you are looking for. Further to this you can enter in a minimal value for what you are looking for. Below is an example of a search for Lower Reagent Cost with a minimal value of 6%.

Now when you select the search button you will get a screen that looks similar to this one below, depending on what matches you get.

If you like any of these items that you have in the list, you can then select the Create Map Button. This will place a map in your backpack that shows you where in the world the vendor who has this item is located like below.

This shows that there is a vendor with the item I was searching for just North of the Britain Moon Gate. So now you can run there and buy your needed item. Another option is to pay 1000 gold to teleport to the vendor if that is your fancy.

To get rid of the map from your backpack, you just have to drop it on the ground.

Hope this is helpful and you get all you need!!!

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